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Wildflower Honey Mustard

Wildflower Honey Mustard

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Our Wildflower Honey Mustard is a sharp and sophisticated take on a classic Midwestern cream mustard. It has the solid, thrilling kick that characterizes the best mustards, softened just enough by the sweetness of fragrant wildflower honey. This rich, creamy mustard is fantastic on sandwiches, and you’ll love it for dipping pretzels in or whisking into homemade vinaigrettes.

- American Spoon Wildflower Honey Mustard is made in our Petoskey, Michigan kitchen.
- Our Wildflower Honey Mustard is cooked in small copper kettles just a few jars at a time.
- Ingredients: apple cider vinegar, honey, brown sugar, egg yolks, ground mustard seed, white wine vinegar (contains sulfites), butter (cream, natural flavorings), salt, sugar, cornstarch
- Contains: Eggs, Milk
- 8.5 oz / 241 g

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